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EASY - Does It EP (Live at IMFP) -Eurogig France 2017

1. Bring Me That Beat 0.00
2. Hungry 5.49
3. Betty 7.48
4. Lighter Side 11.52
5. Millenials 15.08
6. Bringing Me Down 21.11
7. Does It 26.14
8. Spice Boy 31.16

In October 2015, Moss, Chris, Lewis, George and John formed a band which was then known as 'Funkosaurus'. With a shared passion for funk, soul and rap, the group quickly developed a set of rap songs along with a couple of more soulful numbers. However, with a carefully planned rethink and expansion in musical taste, the group rebranded as 'easy''. Since then, easy have played gigs across several locations in Scotland including Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ayr. More recently, in February 2017, the band sold out their EP launch at The 13th Note in Glasgow and played a mixture of funk, soul and fusion inspired songs. With a spot on the line up of Party at the Palace on the horizon, the boys are excited to record more tracks and take their live show to more and more places very soon.

With fresh grooves, slappin' bass and addictive hooks, Easy are committed to bringing an energetic and memorable live show we know will get you moving.
Funk? Blues? Rock? Jazz? Soul? Easy Does It

Sound recorded by Adrien Jussaume (IMFP)
Vidéo recorded by Lucas Gellato (LG Production)
Production - Vincent Soler ( Eurogig France )