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Cat Caldwell - Across The Sea EP (Live at IMFP ) - Eurogig 2017

Cat Caldwell is a singer-songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland.

Cat is a producer at heart, using live looping and effects.
She effortlessly slides across genres and lyrical content. Sometimes it's political, sometimes it's heart wrenchingly beautiful. Nothing is out of place or doesn't belong in her set.Her critically acclaimed EP "Across The Sea", continues to gain radio play around the world.

The sound she perfects on the stage is like a well mastered album. Cat outshines herself playing live over her recorded music. She controls a stage, you can't look away.

It's truly refreshing to see someone so lost in their own music. You feel every word, every emotion. It's an insight into the soul of a very talented musician.

Sound recording: Adrien Jussaume - IMFP
Video recording: Lucas Gellato - LG Production
Production Vincent Soler - Eurogig France