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Medicine Jet - Dancers & Driffters EP (Live at IMFP) - Eurogig 2017

Medicine Jet - Dancers & Driffters EP Live

00:00 Disillusion Dose - Dancers & Driffters EP
04:05 Love is at Stake
08:59 Home
16:13 Atlantis - Dancers & Driffters EP
22:31 Marmalade - Dancers & Driffters EP
26:00 Games - Dancers & Driffters EP
30:56 Brazilian Queen - Dancers & Driffters EP
35:00 Blood Cup
37:45 Dollhouse
40:59 Why do you step into my dreams

Medicine Jet is a fresh rock and roll band born in the Hague.
The Med Jet and their three captains; Frank van Bruggen, Pascal Konings en Tijs Kulker are ready to fly out and bomb the universe with exploding pills of groundpounding psychedelica.
The live shows will welcome you aboard on a magical trip to deliver an-everytime-unexpected journey.
We will take you across the darkest and brightest universes, accompanied by comfortable melodies and thundering grooves.

Grab a hand to come, bring your boardingpasses and we wish you one mighty flight.

Live recorded at IMFP (Institut Musical de formation Professionnelle) Salon de Provence - Marseille, France

Sound recorded - Adrien Jussaume - IMFP
Video recorded - Lucas Gellato - LG Production
Production - Vincent Soler - Eurogig France